What are we about?

The members of Zerodrome are intelligent, open-minded, compassionate, loyal, unwaivering, and dedicated to each other, the camp and it’s projects. Much attention is given to evaluating the personalities who are invited to join to ensure the incredible synergies among us will continue. This is no small feat since we have a large churn rate: 80% … [Read more…]

Water Feature

Zerodrome will be generating a significant volume of shower water. There will be a 10×10 ft. pond of sorts to allow the water to evaporate so it doesn’t damage the clay. Though many camps have these “evaporation ponds,” Burning Man feels they are not very effective and asks camps to step it up a notch. The answer: an … [Read more…]

Bring Projects

Remember the first time you received a letter at your home address? Your first email? Your first phone number? Your first text? Your first business card? What do these things have in common? Each involves linking yourself to an address, both literally and figuratively. Each cemented your identity as an interactive member a common society. … [Read more…]

Metal Garden

All camp members are encouraged to buy or make and bring all manner of metal plants and related items for display in Zerodrome’s gardens. Several members are building tons of such flora that well decorate major portions of camp, such as heavy steel fly traps, kinetic flowers, and a myriad of cacti. Don’t be discouraged … [Read more…]

Poster Project – Chill Space

All camp members, guests, and admirers are invited to bring vintage-style or eclectic posters, tapestries and banners to decorate the interiors of our many large and otherwise drab tent facilities. There are many that can be ordered online, but even better for the artistic to make their own. Something as simple as painting canvass, drop … [Read more…]

Birgins Welcome

Zerodrome is a virgin-friendly camp. Every year our membership is roughly half first-timers, so we are dedicated to help our new members navigate the complexities of Burning Man. There are some dangers, especially for our predominantly female membership, and we have a number of practices that help maintain safety and security for this sub-group. We also do … [Read more…]