We are

...all zeros. We came from zero and will return to zero. A regiment of explorers, we create an outpost for our collective, populating our niche in our favorite alternate dimension.

Zerodrome is our base of operations. A hangar—an aerodrome—a place to touch down, share adventures, celebrate existence, and plan future expeditions capacitated by our collective skills and catering to our common interests. Once a year, we meet and build camp Zerodrome in a city that exists once a year.

Our place is Black Rock City, the space that hosts Burning Man. Our home is our camp within the City. Black Rock City is the most exotic place in the modern world, showcasing extremes of creativity.

We are Zerodrome. Come and join us if you feel you are ready.

Zerodrome Style

The collective expression, restless and ever changing, emerging from bold personalities confronting the limits of the environment, Zerodrome expresses the many faces of our philosophy and vision, inviting members forever to spice it to taste.

Around camp, we enjoy Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Retro-futurism, sprinkling these elements about and donning such bling randomly.

As it turns out, many style elements are compatible with the setting. Military surplus items are rugged and useful in camp, including belts, duffel bags and metal lockers. Many Burners have automatically adopted military boots as their footwear of choice because they are so adept at protecting from the harsh elements.

Everyone has their preference for self-expression through what they wear (or don't) at Burning Man. Whatever each member decides, the collective style evolves every year and distinctly becomes Zeropunk.


Girl Power

The culture of Camp Zerodrome is fueled by grrrrrl power. Most of our members are women. Assertive, adventurous, smart, creative, capable, and open-minded women. In a city where there are more men than women, often inebriated and prone to act impulsively, we support our emergent matriarchs, our pride of lionesses, collectively asserting the safety and solidarity of our encampment.

Among our notable female legion is an industrial engineer who is also the camp’s co-founder. Her engineering brilliance makes possible the desert technologies we implement. A former fire fighter, she is our camp safety expert and ensures our camp fixtures don't blow away in windstorms. And she is creator of our walking scorpion mutant vehicle. We also have numerous educated professionals and business owners among us, ranging from appraisers to PhD ecologists to expert crafters.

Our camp members are tremendous resources for learning through osmosis, including how to survive in the desert and navigate Burning Man. Epiphany can strike anywhere, and there's a good chance it could happen in the company of camp mates, who are committed to helping Birgins acclimate to the desert, the city, and this astonishing event.

To ease the burdens of our solo long-distance members, in 2016 we offer space in our women-only dormitory. This large, secure tent, with tarped floor and sleeping space, is provided by the camp with full access to the camp kitchen and shower facilities (limited space, first committed-first reserved).



If you've never been to Burning Man, it may be difficult to understand how valuable extra support and gear really are. The climate of the Black Rock Desert, where Burning Man is held, is harsh.

Have you seen the original Star Wars movie? Remember where Luke Skywalker grew up? The Black Rock Desert has a climate very much like Star War’s Tatooine: vastly dry and dusty. But Tatooine’s weather was far better. Star Wars was filmed in the deserts of Tunisia and Death Valley, California, but the extreme weather of these deserts, such as the frequent dust storms with near zero visibility, was left out because it would have been almost impossible to film in under such conditions.

At Burning Man, the dust storms can rage for hours. Winds often blow at 69 km/h and can gust higher. When high winds create dust storms, or when thunderstorms start a downpour, all traffic coming in, going out, or moving within the event is frozen by authorities for many hours. It doesn't rain much at Burning Man, but when it does rain, and it rains for long enough, it creates a holy mess of mud. Like most deserts, summer temperature in the Black Rock Desert is warm during the day and colder at night. During the event, temperatures can range from 42°C (108°F) to 1°C. The weather is changeable, but about half the time the air is calm and the temperature comfortable.

Zerodrome helps members deal with this extreme weather by fortifying our camp with heavy duty, specialized gear and designing camp so everyone can remain as secure and comfortable as possible throughout their visit.


Arboretum: We have several metal artists in camp who will be scuplting plants for our gardens, but every camp member is invited to make something to plant, even something as simple as coat hangar frames to support LED or El Wire lighting effects. We've seen some amazing creations using such simple materials. The sewing-inclined could develop flora using fabrics. There are no limits except for fire, explosives, and materials that generate MOOP (Material Out Of Place), such as feathers and glitter.

Mutant Vehicles: In order for a vehicle to be driven at Burning Man, it must be registered as a Mutant Vehicle (MV). There are only 500 MV licenses issued among the 70,000 people of Black Rock City, and many camps make it their mission to sponsor a MV. In 2016, Zerodrome will have TWO of them! MVs are great sources and fascination and delight for the Burning Man community, and sometime provide transportation and a venue to party . Camp members can participate in assembling the MVs and operating them on recon missions.

Mutant Vehicle: Scorpion

Our MV named Saelia is a wood-skinned scorpion and an amazing feat of engineering. She uses dieselpunk technology to move eight legs in a mechanically-coordinated fashion as her only means of locomotion. This is mechanical art at its finest.

Mutant Vehicle: DaVinci's Road Cone

DaVinci's Road Cone is an updated recreation of one of Leonardo DaVinci's inventions. It is diesel-powered and roams over the playa, ten feet wide and ten feet tall.

Burning Man to Us

Everyone’s takeaway is different. When sharing our experiences, it can be like hearing about completely different events.

Burning Man is everything you've heard and none of it. We're embedded in a biology that negotiates perceptions through experiences. At Burning Man the experiences are novel, leading to new ways of perceiving. They include arrival at the city, the camp, the people you meet and hang out with, unique visions and interactions. And your level of involvement in camp and projects affect all these experiences.

One thing everyone agrees on is you can't experience it all, so we rely heavily upon those we camp with to share experiences and guide each other through this most magical of portals.

Arrival overcomes resistance, leading to catharsis and metamorphosis. In exodus, you will notice your life has been forever altered. It's a crazy calm, a euphoric melancholy that emerges from knowing that a place like this exists.

We fondly remember our first awakening and experience it vicariously as we connect with those joining the event for the first time. Feeling, witnessing and building these energies and synergies is why we engage in the planning and effort to create Zerodrome. Our members mean the world to us, as do those whom we are about to meet and welcome to the fold where we cross dimensions together through all that we express, explore and accomplish.

This is who we are and we are never complete. We are therefore new and renewed every year.