Scorpion Mutant Vehicle







The Scorpion is an eight-legged walker with an articulating tail and movable pincers.




Construction and Assembly

The parts are custom-machined and quite heavy. Before anything can be done, a gantry/cradle must be assembled onsite.

A temporary trailer is used to position the components at the correct elevation, and for moving the vehicle to the area where it will be operated, otherwise we'd be driving for ten hours to move several hundred feet. This is one of the few Mutant Vehicles designed to go slower than the 5mph playa speed limit.

There are x sections that must fit together on the main body, then x segments in the tail that are bolted and then cabled together to their control mechanism. The pincer sub-assemblies are also put together separately, each consisting of x parts, before they are held in place and attached to the main body.


  The central walker pod: note the cams that operate the legs.